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The Soho Recovery Centre is a dedicated space in the heart of London for 12-Step recovery meetings to take place located at 123 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0EW.

COVID UPDATE – 9th September 2020

After trying our best to reopen the Soho Recovery Centre, the trustees have taken the decision to close the venue as of midnight on Sunday, 13th September. The new regulations announced by the government today have made our situation too difficult. While we may be able to find an exemption that applies to us, the increased enforcement required will not work as the SRC has always operated as a venue where meetings run themselves. It is too much to ask our volunteers to take on the responsibility of enforcing regulations and the trustees will be liable for any infringements. Therefore we must close.

While it will be sad to lose the option of in-person meetings at the SRC, we are confident that online meetings will continue to thrive. For those seeking meetings, please visit the website of your respective fellowship where you can be directed to online meetings.

We will keep the venue ready for when we can all be together in person again and will keep you all updated as to when we decide the time is right. We will continue to pay our rent and overheads so if you could support the SRC personally or via your online meeting, that would be very much appreciated. As always, we thank everyone for their support of the SRC and our project to create a home for recovery in Central London..

Modelled on similar centres around the world, it is available to any 12 Step Fellowship group such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Crystal Meth Anonymous, AlAnon and Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous etc. for their meetings to take place.

It is open 365 days a year and allows meetings to go on regardless of holidays. Meetings contribute to the centre based on the number of their attendees rather than a flat rate for the room.
This helps smaller fellowships to access an affordable meeting space and new meetings get started.
It is a permanent foothold for recovery in Central London. The person in need of a meeting can always head to the centre knowing that there will be a meeting soon. The Soho Recovery Centre is an easy place for newcomers to find, where they can meet other members and become familiar with the workings and locations of other meetings, as well as those held at the centre itself.

The Soho Recovery Centre is an independent charity started by some friends in recovery. We do not have any affiliation to any 12 Step Group and we receive no official funding from anyone. The funds that keep the centre open come from contributions from meetings and from private individuals supporting the SRC. Please consider reading our How To Help page to find out what you can do to support this project.