Under Covid guidelines 27 people is the maximum persons allowed.
this is strictly adhered to.









AA- Alcoholics Anonymous                     

NA- Narcotics Anonymous

SLAA – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

DA – Debtors Anonymous

BDA – Business Debtors Anonymous

ACA –  Adult Children of Alcoholics

DAA – Drug Addicts Anonymous          

GA – Gamblers Anonymous

CMA – Crystal Meth Anonymous


Please note the SRC has the ability to run meetings around the clock. Meeting times are not limited to these slots.

Peak times are as follows;

Monday to Friday


Saturday to  Sunday

10am – 1.30pm


Peak time: (£15/30 mins)

Off Peak (£5/30 mins)

Meeting slots at busier times are reserved for larger meetings with a minimum suggested donation of £30 per hour. Other slots are available to smaller meetings so that they too can enjoy the benefit of an inexpensive and fixed location at a minimum suggested donation of £10 per hour.

To apply to have a meeting at the venue please email us at

Any 12 Step group may apply for a meeting slot.

The Scheduling Committee is responsible for the allocation of time slots to different meetings as they see fit. They also ensure meetings pay their way and that any meeting applying for a time slot has an appropriate 12-Step format.

To download the Treasurer Report Form click here: Treasurers-Report-Form-v.4