Similar Places

The Soho Recovery Centre proposes a model that has been very successful in many other cities around the world.
Examples include the West Hollywood Recovery Center, Perry Street in New York, Alano clubs across the USA, and the Rainbow Recovery Room in Sydney.
Indeed the first such space was opened in NYC in 1940 with a group of early AA members signing the lease on a clubhouse space which Bill and Lois Wilson lived above.

The West Hollywood Recovery Center
The WeHo Recovery Center is supported by the City of West Hollywood and public and private donations. Centrally located, groups of people standing outside laughing and joking give recovery a positive image in the heart of West Hollywood.
It has two meeting rooms, a large one with 100 seats and a small one with 30 seats and it runs a diverse calendar of meetings during the week. It employs a part-time manager.

Perry St, New York
This former shop has meetings at fixed times every day of the week throughout the year. It has one room to accommodate about 30 people.

The Rainbow Recovery Club, Sydney
Primarily for the use of the LGBTQ community, it has been running successfully since 2002. One former member of the Sydney board is a member of the Soho Recovery Centre committee.