Who’s Responsible

The SRC is a registered UK charity (Registered Charity Number 1168812) run accordingly by a board of trustees, guided by the 12 Traditions of AA.
However, the SRC has no affiliation to AA or any other 12 Step program.
A Management Committee takes responsibility for the day to day running of the centre.

The board is responsible for making sure the SRC carries out its aim which is to provide a space for 12-step meetings to take place in Central London.

The management committee is  responsible for the day-to-day operation of SRC. This committee reports to the board and, while they have no control over the actual meeting themselves, they are responsible for the allocation of time slots to different meetings, ensuring meetings pay their way and that all meetings have an appropriate 12-Step written format. The committee will also be responsible for the safe and clean running of the centre. They will have no control over what goes on in a meeting. That will remain the responsibility of the secretary of each individual meeting.

Trustees and committee members in recovery may attend meetings but will not be exempt from participating in the 7th Tradition at individual meetings so will not be receiving any benefit from the charity not available to others using the centre.

Joe Townley (Chairman), Jackie Withey (Treasurer), Alex Iliadis-Koutsikos, Kevin MacLellan, George Boyd, Corey Hedström, Anabel Moore-Brabazon

Committee Members
Joe Townley, George Boyd, Corey Hedström, Daniel Shane, Chris Smith